Подождите, пожалуйста, идет загрузка...


The LOFT CLUB is a new men’s club within our network of very popular striptease clubs, which opened its doors for old and new friends on February 10th, 2012.

LOFT CLUB is located on the roof of 2/1 Ulitsa 1905 Goda, near the bar/club venues “Manon”, “Kaffka”, “Premier Lounge” and other trendy places within Moscow's popular bar,club and restaurant district.

The location on the roof adds a special charm and mysteriousness to the LOFT CLUB. As a child, did you ever explore the attic of your house and create your own little world with lots of secrets from your parents? LOFT CLUB – is that private attic with lots of miracles.
The opening of the LOFT CLUB became a new landmark in the capital's striptease industry. Lots of fresh ideas came to fruition. Including, a rich daily entertainment program, many complimentary gifts for our guests, and of course, full striptease with more than a hundred beautiful girls.
One floor below the LOFT CLUB is the pre-party bar, BOOM BOOM ROOM, with a great view on the Moscow River and World Trade Center. There you can have a great time before visiting the club, enjoying a dinner and delicious cocktails. On the fourth floor of the complex is located the COCKTAIL ROOMS boutique hotel with hourly payment. The hotel features rooms of four (4) price categories, from economic to exclusive suits.

Toast with avocado, salted salmon and poached egg 200 gr. 800 rub.
Toast with Ribeye steak and Aioli sauce 250 gr. 850 rub.
Burrata with tomatoes and Pesto 225 gr. 800 rub.
Tomato soup with seafood 250 gr. 550 rub.
Stewed calf cheeks with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes 250/70/100 gr. 990 rub.
Home honey cake with raspberry sorbet 150/40 gr. 400 rub.
Chicken broth
Chicken broth with baked chicken and egg 300 gr. 400 rub.
Tom Yum
  Thai coconut soup with shrimp 300 gr. 550 rub.
Chinese dumplings with Kamchatka crab meat 100/30 gr. 790 руб.
Shrims with chili
Grilled shrimp with chili paste and coconut milk 120/20 gr. 990 руб.
"Boom Boom" Burger
Burger made of 100% Angus beef with salad, tomatoes, red onions, pickled cucumber and potato wedges 400/100/30 gr. 800 руб.
Peking Duck Rolls
Pancakes-rolls with Peking duck, cucumber, leek and «Hoysin» sauce 100/30 gr. 790 руб.
Spicy Tuna
Tuna with cucumber, spicy sauce and sesame seeds in nori leaves 120 gr. 890 руб.
Spring Rolls
For choice: vegetables / chicken curry / salmon 150/30 gr. 590/590/690 руб.
Cheese Sticks
Mozzarella cheese sticks with «Marinara» sauce 150/50 gr. 590 руб.
Peas Pods with Sea Salt
For choice: chicken / salmon / lamb 140/20 gr. 450/990/650 руб.
«Caesar» salad with chicken / shrimp
Classic «Caesar» salad, with a choice of chicken or shrimp 250 gr. 990 rub.
Salad «Tabboule» with seafood
Salad with spinach leaves, roasted seafood and nut dressing 250 gr. 790 rub.
Asian salad with beef
Salad with roasted beef, daikon, Bulgarian pepper, soybean sprouts, cucumber andchili dressing  220 gr. 690 rub.
  Warm Salad with Salmon
Salad with roasted salmon, avocado, salad and “Nam Jim” sauce 180 gr. 990 rub.
Vegetable salad with quinoa
Salad with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and Yalta onions 200 gr. 590 rub.
Herring with Toasts
Salad with fried chicken, lettuce and peanut dressing 230 gr. 690 rub.
Tuna tartar
Tuna Tartar with fresh cucumber, avocado and sesame sauce 100/20 gr. 990 rub.
Beef carpaccio
Marbled beef carpaccio with sea buckthorn sauce  50/30/10 gr. 890 rub.
Сheese Plate
Assorted cheese with grapes and honey 150/30/30 gr. 1300 rub.
  Meat Plate
Meat delicacies 200 gr. 1600 rub.
Fish Plate
Fish delicacies 200 gr. 2800 rub.
  Volcano Roll
Roll with scallop, salmon, flying caviar fish and spicy sauce 220 gr. 850 rub.
Philadelphia Roll
Roll with cream cheese, salmon and avocado 220 gr. 850 rub.
  California Roll
Roll with crab and flying fish caviar 180 gr. 850 rub.
Canada Roll
Roll with smoked eel and salmon 190 gr. 850 rub.
With sea bass/ salmon/ tuna/ eel 50 gr. 380/480/790/790 rub.
With perch/ red caviar/ salmon/ tuna/ eel 90 gr. 290/390/390/510/590 rub.
Capellini with crab meat
Pasta in creamy sauce with Kamchatka crab meat 200 gr. 990 rub.
Warm Roll with Perch
Warm roll with sea bass 240 gr. 690 rub.
Warm Mexican Roll
Roll with crab, eel, salmon 230 gr. 790 rub.
Tuna Tataki
Slightly fried tuna with cucumber salad, daikon and «Kimchi» sauce 80/80/20 gr. 990 rub.
Teriyaki chicken
Teriyaki chicken with mashed sweet potato and wok-fried Chinese cabbage 180/70/70/30 gr. 790 rub.
Turkey breast on the grill
Turkey fried on the grill, served with Ratatouille of vegetables and sauce «Zhus» 250/120/50 gr. 850 rub.
Ribeye Steak
Generously marbled Ribeye steak, prepared in a Josper wood-burning grill 300 gr. 2900 rub.
Filet Mignon
Lean and delicious filet of top-grade steak, prepared in a Josper wood-burning grill 250 gr. 2700 rub.
Grilled Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb with baked potatoes, garlic puree, mintpesto and red wine sauce 200/100/40 gr. 1300 rub.
  Teriyaki Salmon
Fried salmon with smoked mashed potatoes, salad «Pak Choi» and «Teriyaki» sauce 160/130/30 gr. 1690 rub.
Rice with vegetables
Wok stir-fried jasmine rice Rice fried with vegetables on wok 300 gr. 500 rub.
For choice: mashed potatoes / fried / potato wedges 150/150/150 gr. 250/250/250 rub.
Grilled Vegetables
Zucchini, eggplant, pepper, mushrooms 200 gr. 450 rub.
Asparagus 100 gr. 500 rub.